Marini gained her experience from the entertainment industry. And though, she was able to enhance her skills and passion for video-production, she noticed that creativity and emotional impact are oftentimes overlooked because of the time constraint.
After a year of purpose-finding, she started creating product videos in her bedroom. A month later, the Marini Films company was born.
She realized that she can emotionally impact anyone through the videos her company produces which eventually sparks trust between our clients and their customers.
With the vision of making a difference, our company focuses on creativity, emotional impact, and trust to bring value to your clients and your customers.

Vision Mission 

To make the Philippines be the region for movies, television, video production and creativity in Asia.

To create and share impactful stories that convert.
What We Offer
Video Productions such as commercials, product videos, films, movies.
We use Creative storytelling to emotionally impact your customers and build trust in the products and services that you offer.

Let us take care of the details so you can focus on building your business​​​​​​​
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